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Published on 8 April 2022 at 17:25

So this week has been a pretty eventful week in the cannabis world

Well following last weeks house of representatives news, it seems fitting to start with what do these new laws mean.. well more research to start with, and the release of funding to start, lots of polls, the whos doing what question..

So far the federal law states 

Under the controlled substance act of 1970

The Drug enforcement agency still see's and classifies cannabis as a schedule 1 drug

With no accepted medical use 

According to polls in USA 91% of Americans believe cannabis should be legalized to a degree

31% believe for medical use

And 60% for medical and recreational 

8% of respondents said it should not be legal

Support for decriminalization crosses party affiliations  with 47% of Republicans and Republican leaning leading independents favour legislation for both medical and recreational use

This is compared to 72% of Democrats and Democrat leaning independents who back legislation  for both medical and recreational use and an additional 23% just in favour of medical use 

It seems to be a very generational shift with 70% of Americans in favour of legislation aged 18 to 60 compared to just 46% of over 60's

It seems like all the pins are lining up for a strike in the Senate this time round..

Elsewhere Columbia has started its new export program through Flora group under new rules, 

On April 1st the government of Columbia finalized the cannabis flower regulatory checklist under resolution 539 permitting licenced cannabis cultivation with export quotas, including Flora to pass a mandatory approval process for the export of both CBD and THC flower

These exports include adjustments to floras approved 46 ton quota, which allowes the additional dried flower to be included with all existing purchase agreements from other countries such as Israel, south Africa, Germany, Malta and Australia 

This update has additional amendments to allow registered members comply with a new genetics registrar for all thc cultivars..

Thailand seems to have its eyes on high end cannabis tourism 

Ideas from wellness spa's to consumption lounges could provide a huge economic boost, 

Which is strange to even say considering Thailand has historically been one of the strictest countries in the world for drug offences 

Up to now, for even a personal amount, you could face up to 15 years in prison but a recent shift in thinking allows this now to be decriminalised 

Over 40 million people visited this country per year for the last 20 years.. 

And following on from the pandemic recovery.. Thailand seem to be iut in front to get back to them numbers with moves like this.. 

England have also approved a new medical triall with over 5000 participant's this week.. the NHS have approved and begun this stage of data collection, 

While Channel 4's venture company have invested  ?? million pounds in Cannaray cannabis company, the uk government currently own channel 4 but funds by advertising was a lead investor in a seed round that raised 10million, altho the exact amout hasnt been revealed, 

This basically means that Cannaray have a permanent advertising partner with any investor profit to go back into the tv network system.. 

A good deal all round really..


Zimbabwe seems to have done a swith from tobacco grows to cannabis grows as the demand for one seems to have wained in the last few years while demand for cannabis just gets bigger, this has made local farmers to start the process of swapping out one system favoured to the other for soil conditions with tobacco growers looking to stake a claim to 25% of cannabis grows by 2025

Tobacco sales continue to drop and are expected to drop another 15% by 2025

It makes sence to make the change


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