House passes MORE act..

Published on 1 April 2022 at 19:24

So.. its april 1st

And nope not an aprils fools day joke

The house of representatives has just passed the more act, which ends the federal prohibition of marijuana.. on a vote of 220 to 204

So whats next.. 

The bill needs to pass in the Senate and then the potus needs to sign it into actual law

And it will face challenges, this act has passed previously but went to the wayside once Congress adjourned and as as unpassed bill.. died with others  reintroduction took time, but the More act is identical to last lodged bill so was bound to pass this stage, if made law, alot will change from convictions to expungements in some states, it will remove cannabis from the controled substance list, and also set percentages for tax to be collected,

So whats next in the Senate 

Will it pass? Chances are.. no.

It will need 60 votes to pass.. which means all dems and 10 Republicans, start counting Republicans who may or maynot be favourable you say?? Easier said than done.. 

The easiest way to put it to your local representative is to explain it in the terms they will understand.. dollars.. the economic benefits are staggering, should the more act pass, and estimated 8 billion in tax revenues can be collected by 2030 and save 100's of millions on prison and court costs associated with cannabis prosecutions, 

The safe banking act will of course start its own journey now the more act has been passed in the house.. 2022 what a year for legislation..


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